Ullmann's Modeling and Simulation

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A convenient source of information, tailor-made for engineers, scientists and computational chemists. Based on the latest online edition of Ullmann's, and containing articles never seen before in print (e.g. a cutting-edge article on "Modeling and Simulation of Microreactors"), this ready reference meets the need for a comprehensive survey of the mathematical fundamentals, complementary computational approaches as well as the application of modeling and simulation in chemistry and engineering. Since the entire 40-volume Ullmann's Encyclopedia is inaccessible to many readers -- particularly individuals, smaller companies or institutes -- this convenient handbook condenses all the necessary information. The detailed and meticulously edited articles have been written by renowned experts from industry and academia, with much of the information thoroughly revised. Deeper insights into any given area of interest is offered by referenced contributions, while rapid access to a particular subject is enhanced by both a keyword and author index.


From the contents:
Mathematics in Chemical Engineering
Model Reactors and their Design Equations
Mathematical Modeling
Molecular Modeling
Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Design of Experiments
Modeling and Simulation of Microreactors


"Since the entire 40-volume Ullmann's Encyclopedia is inaccessible to many readers ... this handbook condenses all the necessary information." (RFP, 1/2008)
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