The Contemporary Spanish Economy: A Historical Perspective

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THE CONTEMPORARY SPANISH ECONOMY: S. LIEBERMAN: Contents Acknowledgments page xiii Introduction: Institutions and Economic Development: The Spanish Case 1 Chapter I Contemporary Spanish Agriculture in Historical Perspective 26 Traditional Agriculture in Spain The Continuity of Feudal Institutions and the Land Tenure System The Second Republic and Agrarian Reform Chapter II Agricultural Policy Since 1939 72 Nationalist Agricultural Policy from 1936 to 1953 The Crisis of Traditional Agriculture: 1953 to 1970 Spanish Agriculture in the 1970s The Institutional Evolution of Agriculture in Retrospect Chapter III The Long Road to Spain's Industrial Revolution 120 Foreign Investment in the Latter Half of the Nineteenth Century and Bourgeois Reaction Spain Embraces Economic Autarky The Contest between Reformists and Traditionalists during the Second Republic The First Two Decades of the Franco Regime Chapter IV The Spanish Industrial Revolution of the 1960s 199 The Stabilization Plan of 1959 Economic Liberalization in the 1960s: Realities and Appearances The Industrialization Miracle' of the 1960s The Sources of Industrial Finance and the Structure of the Industrial Sector in the 1960s Economic Development and Social Unrest The Governments Regional Development Policy Chapter V The Economic Crisis of the 1970s 265 The End of the European 'Economic Miracles': The Spanish Economy in the 1970s The Unemployment Problem The Implications of Spain's Possible Entry into the European Economic Community Chapter VI The Restoration of Free Trade Unions, Unemployment and Future Growth 322 Reflections on the Spanish Unemployment Problem The Restoration of Free Trade Unions Exports, Foreign Exchange Rates and Inflation Chapter VII Quo Vadis, Hispania? 345 Bibliography 360 Index 366
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