The Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology

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September 2006



An essential, scholarly guide to the field of sociology, with contributions from leading international academics.


Contributors; Acknowledgements; Introduction; How to use this Dictionary; Dictionary.


Bryan S. Turner is Professor of Sociology in the Asia Research Institute at the National University of Singapore where he leads the research team for the Religion and Globalisation cluster. Prior to this he was Professor of Sociology in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Cambridge. Professor Turner is the author of The New Medical Sociology (2004) and Society and Culture: Principles of Scarcity and Solidarity (with Chris Rojek, 2001) and is the founding editor of the Journal of Classical Sociology (with John O'Neill) , Body & Society (with Mike Featherstone) and Citizenship Studies. He is currently writing a three volume study on the sociology of religion for Cambridge University Press.


'The impressive scope and clarity of this volume makes it an indispensable reference work for teachers, researchers and students of sociology. The Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology is both a reference and an invitation to engage with the social sciences.' Judith Blau, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 'This comprehensive dictionary of sociological knowledge is unique. It reconstructs classic authors through their works; it takes account of more recent writers whose thought is placed convincingly in its historical and intellectual contexts; and it demystifies twenty-first century catchwords such as globalization and terrorism.' Uta Gerhardt, University of Heidelberg, Germany 'The Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology successfully captures around 1000 reliable and lively articles with many facets, national variations and shifting interests from the time of the pioneers to globalization, in a discipline of growing intellectual and social importance.' Raymond Boudon, Sorbonne and Academie des sciences morales et politiques 'An exceptionally valuable resource, with comprehensive coverage and a wide range of excellent contributors.' William Outhwaite, University of Sussex 'A major contribution to the effort of mapping the field of sociology. One of its great strengths is to push the cultural / philosophical boundary of sociology, returning the discipline to some of its original intellectual ambitions and depths.' Saskia Sassen, University of Chicago and author of Territory, Authority, Rights (2006) 'As one would expect from a work assembled by Bryan Turner, this Dictionary is excellent in coverage and in the quality of articles. Not only are the articles authored by noted experts, but the international flavor of the book makes it particularly valuable for today's student and general reader.' Alan Sica, Pennsylvania State University 'This dictionary, offers more than 600 unusually substantial, thoughtful A-toZ entries ... highly recommended for all libraries.' Library Journal Review 'The Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology is a nicely packaged source that endeavors to cover the whole range of the discipline - concepts, biographies, and general terminology - from both American and European perspectives.' Booklist
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