Outbreak: Cases in Real-World Microbiology

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Outbreak: Cases in Real-World Microbiology is a fascinating new textbook targeting introductory microbiology instructors and students. Generously illustrated with color photographs, the book integrates headline-making disease outbreaks into the microbiology coursework and is the first work of its kind to utilize material that directly impacts college-age students. Unique in its presentation, Outbreak is designed to offer instructors the flexibility to use the book effectively in a number of ways, while providing students with the critical content they need. A total of 96 classroom-tested case studies cover the core topics of microbiology, including basic microbiology concepts, medical microbiology, bioterrorism, environmental microbiology, and industrial microbiology. The cases that are presented cover a wide array of outbreaks at differing levels of difficulty and can be taught at all undergraduate levels. At the end of each case study are questions for students to think about and answer. An appendix directs students to specific reference material which provides information relevant to the study questions and encourages students to apply the reference content to the case being studied. An additional appendix provides handy information about antimicrobial agents in table format. Each of the nine sections of the book features a College Perspective and a Global Perspective case study. The College Perspective provides a direct and practical link between the microbiology course and the daily lives of students. The Global Perspective connects students with outbreaks that have occurred in countries around the world. The latter facilitates understanding of the social, religious, and politicalvalues at play in a given outbreak situation and introduces students to the economic forces that impact the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases. At the end of each section, following the case studies, are detailed descriptions of the diseases involved in the out


Table of Contents Contents I. Outbreaks and Cases Emphasizing Concepts in Basic Microbiology II. Outbreaks of Diseases of the Respiratory Tract III. Outbreaks of Diseases of the Gastrointestinal Tract IV. Outbreaks of Sexually Transmitted Diseases V. Outbreaks of Diseases of the Skin, Eyes, and Deep Tissue VI. Outbreaks of Multisystem Zoonoses and Vector-Borne Diseases VII. Outbreaks of Diseases of the Central Nervous System VIII. Outbreaks and Cases Requiring Application of Environmental and Industrial Microbiology Concepts IX. Bioterrorism Outbreaks
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