BigNum Math: Implementing Cryptographic Multiple Precision Arithmetic

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Bignum math is the backbone of modern computer security algorithms. It is the ability to work with hundred-digit numbers efficiently using techniques that are both elegant and occasionally bizarre. This book introduces the reader to the concept of bignum algorithms and proceeds to build an entire library of functionality from the ground up. Through the use of theory, pseudo-code and actual fielded C source code the book explains each and every algorithm that goes into a modern bignum library. Excellent for the student as a learning tool and practitioner as a reference alike "BigNum Math" is for anyone with a background in computer science who has taken introductory level mathematic courses. The text is for students learning mathematics and cryptography as well as the practioner who needs a reference for any of the algorithms documented within.


Introduction; Multiple Precision Arithmetic; Exercises; Portability and Stability; Getting Started; Maintenance Algorithms; Basic Operations; Sign Manipulation; Basic Arithmetic; Multiplication and Squaring; The Multipliers; Multiplication; Modular Reduction; Basics of Modular Reduction; Exponentiation; Exponentiation Basics; Higher Level Algorithms; Number Theoretic Algorithms


Tom St Denis is the author of the industry standard LibTom series of projects. Tom is a senior software developer and cryptographer for the Advanced Micro Devices Corporation. He has been engaged in various international development contracts and speaking engagements since 2004. He is at work on his next book, Cryptography for Developers.

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