Extreme Programming and Agile Processes in Software Engineering

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Juni 2006



This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Extreme Programming and Agile Processes in Software Engineering, XP 2006, held in Oulu, Finland, in June 2006. The 16 revised full papers presented together with 6 experience papers, 12 poster papers and panel summaries were carefully reviewed and selected from 59 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on foundation and rationale for agile methods, effects of pair programming, quality in agile software development, issues in large scale agile development, new practices for agile software development, experience papers, posters and demonstrations, and panels.


Foundation and Rationale for Agile Methods.- A Distributed Cognition Account of Mature XP Teams.- Foundations of Agile Decision Making from Agile Mentors and Developers.- Software Development as a Collaborative Writing Project.- Comparative Analysis of Job Satisfaction in Agile and Non-agile Software Development Teams.- Effects of Pair Programming.- Investigating the Impact of Personality Types on Communication and Collaboration-Viability in Pair Programming - An Empirical Study.- The Collaborative Nature of Pair Programming.- Is External Code Quality Correlated with Programming Experience or Feelgood Factor?.- Quality in Agile Software Development.- Leveraging Code Smell Detection with Inter-smell Relations.- Studying the Evolution of Quality Metrics in an Agile/Distributed Project.- The Effect of Test-Driven Development on Program Code.- Issues in Large Scale Agile Development.- Configuring Hybrid Agile-Traditional Software Processes.- Rolling the DICE® for Agile Software Projects.- Agility in the Avionics Software World.- New Practices for Agile Software Development.- Architecture and Design in eXtreme Programming; Introducing "Developer Stories".- Towards a Framework for Integrating Agile Development and User-Centred Design.- Security Planning and Refactoring in Extreme Programming.- Experience Papers.- Divide After You Conquer: An Agile Software Development Practice for Large Projects.- Augmenting the Agile Planning Toolbox.- Incorporating Learning and Expected Cost of Change in Prioritizing Features on Agile Projects.- Automatic Changes Propagation.- Making Fit / FitNesse Appropriate for Biomedical Engineering Research.- Sprint Driven Development: Agile Methodologies in a Distributed Open Source Project (PyPy).- Posters and Demonstrations.- Storytelling in Interaction: Agility in Practice.- Towards an Agile Process for Building Software Product Lines.- Extending the Embedded System E-TDDunit Test Driven Development Tool for Development of a Real Time Video Security System Prototype.- Evaluation of Test Code Quality with Aspect-Oriented Mutations.- Experimenting with Agile Practices - First Things First.- Test-Driven Development: Can It Work for Spreadsheet Engineering?.- Comparison Between Test Driven Development and Waterfall Development in a Small-Scale Project.- A Practical Approach for Deploying Agile Methods.- Streamlining the Agile Documentation Process Test-Case Driven Documentation Demonstration for the XP2006 Conference.- Panels.- Open Source Software in an Agile World.- Politics and Religion in Agile Development.- How Do Agile/XP Development Methods Affect Companies?.


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