Characterization of Corrosion Products on Steel Surfaces

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August 2006



It is well known that corrosion products, i.e. rust, on iron and steel surfaces cannot be assigned a typical crystallographic structure with long-range order. In fact, the structure of rust is considered to be very complicated, and some forms of rust are assigned to the amorphous state for this reason. Accurate information about the atomic-scale structure of rust is important to shed light on corrosion mechanisms of metallic materials. And, since life of steel structures is often dominated by environmental degradation or corrosion of the surface, the structure of the rust formed on iron and steel surfaces during prolonged exposure to air is of great interest. This book describes the fundamental aspects of materials characterization for the ferric oxyhydroxides formed on steel surfaces. Selected examples, from both the basic science and the applied engineering points of view, are presented. Of special interest is the new structural information on ferric oxyhydroxides containing a small amount of alloying elements. The text relates this to their various states and their role in corrosion processes. This monograph will serve as a valuable guide and source of information for specialists and non-specialists alike.


Corrosion Protection Function and Breakdown Mechanism of Passive Films on Stainless Steels.- Passivation Oxide Films and Rust Layers on Iron.- Semiconductor Property of Passive Films and Corrosion Behavior of Fe-Cr Alloys.- Mechanistic Study on Formation of Iron Hydroxides and Oxides with FT-IR and UV Photospectroscopy.- Structural Characterization for a Complex System by Obtaining Middle-Range Ordering.- Corrosion Mechanism of Iron from an X-ray Structural Viewpoint.- Surface Analysis of Oxides and Corrosion Products Formed on Surfaces of Iron-based Alloys.- Characterization of Rust Layers on a Plain-Carbon Steel and Weathering Steels Exposed to Industrial and Coastal Atmosphere for Years.- Synchrotron Radiation Study on Structure of Atmospheric Corrosion Products Formed on Steel Surfaces.- Analysis of Iron Rusts by X-ray Diffraction and X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Measurements.- Various Scale Analyses to Create Functioning Corrosion Products.- Mössbauer Spectroscopic Study on Rust Formed on Steel Surfaces.



From the reviews:
"The prevention of the corrosion of the various types of steel is an immense technological and financial challenge for the metallurgical, automotive, and building industries. Thus the title of this book is very attractive both to the research fellow working on the fundamental metallurgical properties of steel and the engineer dealing with the applications of different steels." (Fernande Grandjean and Gary J. Long, Physicalia Magazine, Vol. 29 (4), 2007)
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