Cambridge Companion to Brian Friel

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Oktober 2006



The most up to date and comprehensive critical approaches to Ireland's greatest living playwright.


1. Introduction Anthony Roche; 2. The early plays Thomas Kilroy; 3. Surviving the sixties: three plays by Brian Friel 1968-71 Frank McGuinness; 4. Friel and the Northern Ireland 'Troubles' play Stephen Watt; 5. Family affairs: Friel's plays of the late seventies Anthony Roche; 6. Five ways of looking at Faith Healer Nicholas Grene; 7. Translations, the Field Day debate and the re-imagining of Irish identity Martine Pelletier; 8. Dancing at Lughnasa and the unfinished revolution Helen Lojek; 9. The late plays George O'Brien; 10. Friel's Irish Russia Richard Pine; 11. Friel and performance history Patrick Burke; 12. Friel's dramaturgy: the visual dimension Richard Allen Cave; 13. Performativity, unruly bodies and gender in Brian Friel's drama Anna McMullan; 14. Brian Friel as postcolonial playwright Csilla Bertha; Select bibliography; Index.


Anthony Roche is Senior Lecturer in English and Drama at University College Dublin.


'... an outstanding collection of fourteen essays ... an excellent introduction for the general reader to the Irish playwright ...' Nagyvarad, Partium Christian University, Romania '... an excellent introduction for the general reader to the Irish playwright whose 'contribution has been one of the most necessary and profound by a living writer in the English language'. It includes a useful chronology, index, and select bibliography of primary and secondary works.' Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies 'This collection of essays offers a variety of insightful approaches to Friel beyond the obvious groupings of plays and themes.' Wasafiri
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