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Januar 2005



Franklin Park, IL (December 1, 2004)--Seattle composer David Yackley debuts his first contemporary Christian recording, "Offering," featuring thirteen original songs. Teens and young adults will find this new CD to be an inspiring blend of edgy yet prayerful songs which speak directly to their personal experience with emotion and honesty. For example, "In the Shelter of Your Arms" sung by Danielle Rose, one of the WLP's top artists, was written by David for a dear friend who has struggled with a life-threatening illness since she was a teenager. This song alludes to the difficulty that his friend faces and her inspiring faith-filled response. This collection of songs with its Biblically-based lyrics is set into a blend of original alt-rock, electro-acoustic, funk and pop tunes that hook you right from the top with their strong grooves. "Offering" is produced under recording label WLP, and is available through www.wlpmusic.com or by calling 800-566-6150. David is well-versed and loves many different styles of music. He received his Bachelor of Music degree from Capital University, Columbus, OH, where he studied classical and jazz piano, and jazz composition and arranging. He holds a Master's Degree from the Eastman School of Music in jazz and contemporary media, which includes contemporary composition and film scoring. He has led music for Life Teen Mass for over 10 years and currently leads the band Lighthouse at his parish, Holy Family, in Kirkland, WA. David says, "My hope is that my music acts as a catalyst for spiritual awareness and that it delivers Christ's message so that it will be heard, prayed, and internalized whether at church, driving in the car, or just hanging out withfriends." He hopes that teens and young adults will receive encouragement and hope through his songs which reflect the deep spirituality and fellowship of Christianity. Top-notch vocalists and instrumentalists are featured on the CD including Danielle Rose, Tracey Wilson Yack

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Erscheinungsdatum: Januar 2005
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