At Risk

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April 2008



Stubborness has its price.
So does pride....

Stephen Cline will pay heavily for both when he drops out of college against his father's wishes and lands a job as barn manager at Foxdale Farm, one of Maryland's premiere equestrian facilities.
An obnoxious trainer and difficult, demanding boarders are all part of the job, but Steve will need every bit of his smarts when he interrupts a bunch of thieves very early one morning and is hijacked along with the horses. In making his escape, he unwittingly jeopardizes a lucrative scam and challenges a sadistic killer.
When the police investigation stalls, Steve uses his connections in the horse industry and launches his own fact-finding campaign. As he moves closer to uncovering the rustlers' ring, he learns that nearly everyone else around him also runs risks....

Praise for At Risk
"Both horse lovers and crime fans who've never stepped into a stirrup will relish Ehrman's riveting debut, set on a Maryland horse farm....With his youthful zeal and perseverance, Steve Cline makes a captivating hero and sleuth, one readers will be eager to see again." -Publishers Weekly

"As a former groom, vet and barn manager, Ehrman knows her way around horses and show barns...."
-Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review

Kit Ehrman currently lives and writes on a horse farm near Columbus, Indiana. The sequels to this first Steve Cline mystery are Dead Man's Touch, Cold Burn, and Triple Cross.
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