The Reduced History of Tennis: The Story of the Genteel Racket-And-Ball Game Squeezed Into 101 Smashes and Lobs

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Mai 2008



Readers can delight in the ridiculous remembrances of the gentlemen, ladies, coaches, and the gurus that have graced and disgraced the quintessential game of high summer.


The "Battle of the Sexes"; * Fred Perry; * Little Mo; * Billie Jean King; * Chrissy Evert; * Buster Mottram; * Ilie Nastase; * "You Can Not Be Serious"; * The Williams sisters; * Anna Kournikova; * Maria Sharapova; * Ken Rosewall; * Yvonne Goolagong; * King Henry VIII; * Electronic linesmen; * Lemon Barley Water; * Martina Navratilova; * Rain delays; * Grunting; * Madrid Open ball girls; * Virginia Wade; * Henri Lacoste; * Cliff Richard; * Henmania; * Arthur Ashe; * Drobny and Hoad; * Bonking Boris Becker; * Duchess of Kent; * Rod Laver; * People's Sunday; * Althea Gibson; * Steffi Graf; * Jimmy Connors; * Bjorn Borg; * Monica Seles; * Wimbledon queues; * Renee Richards; * Roger Federer; * Henman Hill & Murray Mount; * AND MUCH MORE.


Justyn Barnes is a freelance sports writer, who regularly contributes to various titles including FourFourTwo and Sky The Magazine. He is the author of Carlton's "Reduced Histories" of Football and Cricket. He lives in east London and boasts a booming forehand.

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