Qissat: Short Stories by Palestinian Women

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Mai 2007



Introducing exceptional new literary voices from Palestine.


Jo Glanville is a journalist and radio producer with a strong attachment to the Middle East and a particular interest in the history of Palestine and Israel. She lived in the Old City, East Jerusalem, in the mid-90s. Since then she has directed her career towards the Middle East whenever possible.


'... in turn lyrical, sensuous, comic and ironic ... valuable ammunition against the impoverished imagination of political discourse ... it is the quality of subtle, evocative writing here that makes [Qissat] remarkable.' The Independent 'A humane, richly rewarding read ... no two women share the same perspective, but the kaleidoscope effect of so many visions serves to illuminate rather than blur.' Vogue '... raw and honest ... Themes of domesticity, burgeoning sexuality and the experience of being a woman in Arab society are dealt with ... Beautifully written, they give us a different perspective on life in Palestine.' The Sunday Times ' ... many layered, haunting, sensuously rich and often threatening to the status quo ... subversion and fragmentation, exile and return, echo through ... Such moments show more than a thousand news broadcasts.' The Times 'The writing feels precious, but also main-stream and relevant.' Scotland on Sunday
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