AIDS: Foundations for the Future

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Juni 1994



Examines the extent to which sound foundations for the future of HIV/AIDS have been laid in public, private and voluntary sector action and offers an agenda for future activism and research.


An Anatomy of the HIV/AIDS Voluntary Sector in Britain; The Changing Context of Health Care in the UK: Implications for HIV/AIDS Services; Empowerment or Disempowerment: The Limits and Possibilities of Workplace AIDS Policy; Outreach, Community Change and Community Empowerment: Contradictions for Public; Health and Health Promotions; Project Male-Call: Class Differences in Sexual Practice Community vs Population: The Case of Men who have Sex with Men; Assimilating Safer Sex: Young Heterosexual Men's Understanding of "Safer Sex"; Marital Discourse and Condom Use; Sexual Exchange: Understanding Pre-Marital Heterosexual Relationships in Urban Ghana; Positive Sex: Sexual Relationships following an HIV-Positive Diagnosis; A Telling Tale: AIDS Workers and Confidentiality; AIDS Policies in Kenya: A Critical Perspective on Prevention; Issues for HIV Prevention with Men who have Sex with Men: The Experience of Mesmac; Selling Safer Sex: Male Masseurs and Escorts in the UK.
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Untertitel: 'Social Aspects of AIDS'. Sprache: Englisch.
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