Becoming a "Wiz" at Brain-Based Teaching: How to Make Every Year Your Best Year

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Best-selling author Marilee Sprenger offers new and veteran teachers this revised and updated edition of her guide to translating the latest research on learning, memory, and the brain into effective classroom practice. Using Dorothy, Toto, and all the familiar and funny characters from the "wizdom" of Oz, the author provides in-depth but accessible coverage of learning theory, multiple intelligences, resilience theory, emotional intelligence, and classroom management strategies to help teachers master the complexities of teaching all the young brains in their classrooms. The revised edition features many new sidebars, illustrations, and graphic organizers to help readers understand complex concepts and translate theory into actual classroom practice.


About the Author
1. The Journey: The Brain Goes to School
The Questions and the Research
Connecting the Information
2. Building the Yellow Brick Road: Understanding How the Brain Develops and Functions
Basic Brain Structure
The Building Blocks
The Yellow Brick Road Is Paved With Messengers
We're Off to Be the Wizard
3. No Place Like Home
An Emotional Learning Environment
What Are Enriched Environments?
Can We Provide an Enriched Environment in the Classroom?
An Environment Where Assessment Is Enrichment
Brain-Based Assessment
Home Sweet Home
4. If I Only Had the Nerve: Dealing With Stress
The Sympathetic Nervous System
Looking for Balance: The Parasympathetic Nervous System
Giving Them Courage
5. If I Only Had a Heart: Emotional Growth
Heartbreak: The Lack of Social and Emotional Stimulation
Creating Heart: A Look at Emotional Intelligence
Straight From the Heart: Social and Emotional Intelligence Strategies
You Gotta Have Heart, But What About Guts?
6. If I Only Had a Brain: From Sensory Input to Higher Levels of Thinking
Cognitive Skills
Promoting Cognitive Growth
The Eight Intelligences
Brains, Bloom, Intelligence, and Style
Learning Profiles
7. If I Only Had a Memory: Improving Memory to Raise Student Achievement
Memory Development
Memory Principles
Explicit and Implicit Memory
Memory Lanes = Memory Systems
Step by Step; System by System
Kansas Is Right Down Memory Lane
8. The Wicked Witch: What Is She So Upset About? Calming and Controlling the Classroom
My Theory of Negative Replacement
Emotions, Attention, and Learning
Brain States
Managing Movement
The Wicked Witch Is Dead
9. Dorothy: Every Brain Is Unique
The Care and Feeding of Dorothy?s Brain
Sleep and the Brain
Unique Brains, Unique Learners
Making a Difference
10. Leaving the Land of Oz: With Courage, Passion, and Brains
Glossary of Terms
References and Supplementary Reading


Marilee Sprenger is an adjunct professor at Aurora University, where she teaches graduate courses on brain-based teaching, learning and memory, and differentiation. A creative and compassionate educator, she began her career teaching prekindergarten and kindergarten. She has also taught at the elementary, middle, and high school level. As an independent consultant, her passion is brain-based teaching and best practices using brain research and differentiation. She also consults in the areas of learning styles, using music in the classroom, teaming, multiple intelligences, emotional intelligence, and memory. As an educational consultant with Two Rivers Professional Development Center, she worked for the Illinois Regional Offices of Education in the area of staff development associated with learning standards and testing. She speaks internationally, and her interactive and engaging style allows participants to make connections with their classrooms and their students. She is affiliated with the American Academy of Neurology and is constantly updated on current research. Sprenger is the author of several books, including Memory 101 for Educators and Becoming a Wiz at Brain-Based Teaching, Second Edition, published by Corwin Press. She has contributed to textbooks, and her articles have appeared in publications such as Educational Leadership and the ASCD Brain-based Education/Learning Styles Networker. Her dedication to education has won her many awards, but she cherishes most the wonderful students and teachers whose lives have touched hers.


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