Municipal Wastewater Management in Developing Countries

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Municipal Wastewater Management in Developing Countries discusses various approaches to municipal wastewater management in order to protect both public health and the environment, with the major focus being on waterborne diseases. Developing countries can be divided into two main categories, i.e. countries in transition with higher growth rates where industrialisation and urbanisation are taking place rapidly, and countries with slower growth rates. It is important, therefore, that approaches should be tailor-made and site-specific.

In general, the major trends of water pollution control have significantly contributed to the development of "conventional sanitation" approaches in terms of legal and financial frameworks, as well as technological enhancement. Despite advances in science, engineering and legal frameworks, 95% of the wastewater in the world is released into the environment without treatment. Only 5% of global wastewater is properly treated using "standard" sanitation facilities, mainly in developed countries. As a result, the majority of the world's population is still exposed to waterborne diseases, and the quality of water resources has been rapidly degraded, particularly in poor developing countries.

The challenge now is to provide the world's population, especially the poor, with adequate water and sanitation facilities. Despite billions of dollars of investment spent every year, billions of poor people are still suffering and dying because of poor sanitation. The future scenario, that water resources will be further depleted by a growing world population, will be coupled with environmental degradation due to poor pollution control, particularly in most developing countries.

This book addresses the state-of-the-art of wastewater management in developing countries, from the sustainable sanitation point of view. With contributions from academics and practitioners from both developed and developing nations, it covers conceptual, legal, management, financial, and engineering aspects. Municipal Wastewater Management in Developing Countries will be invaluable reading for postgraduate students, researchers, practitioners, consulting engineers and policy makers.


Chapter 1 Sustainable Sanitation for Developing Countries; Chapter 2 Setting Effluent Quality Standards; Chapter 3 Strategy and Planning for Sewerage Systems; Chapter 4 Wastewater Treatment Technologies for Urban Populations; Chapter 5 Collection Systems; Chapter 6 Conventional Small and Decentralized Wastewater Systems; Chapter 7 Pond Treatment Systems; Chapter 8 Wetland Systems; Chapter 9 Effluent Recuperation and Reuse; Chapter 10 Innovation and technology for sustainability; Chapter 11 Caring Technology for the Urban Poor; Chapter 12 Biosolids and Septage Management; Chapter 13 Management of Decentralized Systems
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