Handbook of Adhesives and Sealants

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The Handbook of Adhesives and Sealants, 2nd Edition is primarily written to assist all those who have a permanent or temporary interest in adhesives and sealants. For those new to the field, the Handbook will provide a fundamental knowledge base of materials and processes as well as reasons why they work and (more importantly) why they don't work. To the more experienced reader, the breadth and thoroughness of the Handbook will provide a way to reduce time spent on trial and error development or on searching for the optimal recommended process. For the academic, the Handbook will connect the important theories regarding surface science, polymeric materials, and mechanics with practical products and applications of commercial significance.This edition includes major new sections on radiation curable adhesive, biological and naturally occurring adhesives, inorganic adhesives, role of bulk properties of the adhesive, non-destructive testing, and industrial application methods. A completely new chapter is devoted to adhesives used in various industries such as automobile, electrical / electronic, construction, packaging, aerospace, household do-it-yourself, and medical.


<H4>Preface<H4>Preface to the First Edition<H2>Part I: Introduction to Adhesives and Sealants<H3>Chapter 1: Overview of Adhesives and Sealants<H3>Chapter 2: Theories of Adhesion<H3>Chapter 3: Universal Factors Contributing to Success or Failure<H3>Chapter 4: Bulk Properties of the Adhesive and the Interphase<H3>Chapter 5: Stress and Joint Design<H3>Chapter 6: Test Methods for Consistency and Working Properties<H3>Chapter 7: Tests on Adhesive Joints<H3>Chapter 8: Quality Control, Nondestructive Testing, and Failure Analysis<H3>Chapter 9: Surfaces and Surface Preparation<H3>Chapter 10: Primers and Adhesion Promoters<H3>Chapter 11: Classification Methods<H2>Part II: Adhesive Systems<H3>Chapter 12: Adhesive Formulation<H3>Chapter 13: Epoxy, Polyurethane, Acrylic, and Cyanoacrylate Adhesives<H3>Chapter 14: Other Thermosetting Adhesives<H3>Chapter 15: Thermoplastic Adhesives<H3>Chapter 16: Naturally Occurring Adhesives<H3>Chapter 17: Selection of Adhesives<H2>Part III: Sealant Systems<H3>Chapter 18: Sealant Formulation<H3>Chapter 19: Sealant Families<H3>Chapter 20: Selecting and Using Sealants<H2>Part IV: Methods of Setting<H3>Chapter 21: Reactive Systems<H3>Chapter 22: Systems Based on Solvent or Water Loss<H3>Chapter 23: Systems Based on Hardening from the Melt<H3>Chapter 24: Methods of Joining Plastics Other than with Adhesives<H2>Part V: Environment, Production, Applications<H3>Chapter 25: Effects of the Environment<H3>Chapter 26: Production Processes and Equipment<H3>Chapter 27: Health, Safety, and Environmental Issues<H3>Chapter 28: Bonding and Sealing Specific Substrates<H3>Chapter 29: Major Trends in Technology and Markets<H4>Appendix A: Glossary<H4>Appendix B: Other Sources of Information<H4>Appendix C: Specification and Standards<H4>Appendix D: Surface Preparation Methods for Common Substrate Materials<H4>Appendix E: Suppliers to the Adhesive and Sealant Industry<H4>Conversion Factors<H4>Index


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