Bonds: A Concise Guide for Investors

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August 2006



In this book leading expert Moorad Choudhry demystifies bonds once and for all. He explains the importance of bonds and why all private investors should include them as part of their investment strategy. Readers will gain insight into the advantages of holding bonds and why they should always form part of any savings portfolio.


Foreward Preface Getting to the Starting Point Bond Basics The United Kingdom Gilt Market Investing in Non-UK Government Bonds Corporate Bonds, Eurobonds and Credit Quality Understanding and Appreciating the Yield Curve Dealing for the Private Investor Further Reading Useful Websites Glossary


MOORAD CHOUDHRY is Head of Treasury at KBC Financial Products Limited, the investment banking arm of KBC Bank NV. His responsibilities cover asset-liability management for the group's activities worldwide, including money market funding, managing the asset-backed conduit programme and corporate bond repo trading. He was previously a vice-president in structured finance services with JPMorgan Chase Bank in London. Prior to that we worked as a gilt-edged market maker and treasury trader with ABN Amro Hoare Govett Sterling Bonds Limited, and as a sterling proprietary trader within the Treasury division at Hambros Bank Limited. He is also Visiting Professor at the Department of Economics, Finance and International Business, London Metropolitan University, UK. He is a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Mathematical Trading and Finance, CASS Business School, London.
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