Between Colonialism and Diaspora: Sikh Cultural Formations in an Imperial World

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August 2006



Analyzes historical construction of Sikh identity in the context of colonial modernity and post-colonial diaspora, with an emphasis on competing narratives of religious and ethnic identity arising from cross-cultural interactions.


Tony Ballantyne is Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Otago in New Zealand. He is the author of "Orientalism and Race: Aryanism in the British Empire" and a coeditor of "Bodies in Contact: Rethinking Colonial Encounters in World History," also published by Duke University Press.


"Moving between the Punjab and Britain, Australia, and the United States, Between Colonialism and Diaspora tracks moments in the making of Sikh identities across imperial and postcolonial encounters, from military masculinities to bhangra, from the 1840s to the present. Tony Ballantyne is establishing himself as one of the most exciting voices amongst a new generation of historians."--Catherine Hall, author of Civilising Subjects: Metropole and Colony in the English Imagination, 1830-1867 "Between Colonialism and Diaspora is a major new work on Sikh history and culture. Tony Ballantyne has framed historical events and personalities within the broad context of transformations emerging from colonial rule. His treatment of Sikh memory and the past is provocative, and the final section on bhangra explores the broad implications of how a distinctly Punjabi cultural tradition has changed and in turn influenced international dance and music."--N. Gerald Barrier, coeditor of Sikhism and History
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