The Best Christmas Ever

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September 2006



Christmas at the Bear family household is slim this year, but Mother Bear and Father Bear try their best to create holiday spirit. Little Bear worries whether Santa will come and ultimately proves to be the most resourceful to ensure that everyone has gifts under the tree. Full color.


Chih-Yuan Chen is an illustrator of children's stories and the author of "The Featherless Chicken"; "Guji Guji "(a "New York Times "Top 10 children's bestseller); and "On My Way to Buy Eggs "(named a Best Children's Book by "Publishers Weekly").""


"The perfect pairing of message and image is truly a holiday treat." -- Publishers Weekly "This is a particularly handsome book ... Not the usual holiday story, this catches the spirit in its own special way." -- Booklist
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Untertitel: illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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