Rich Where It Counts

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Have you ever wondered why, during this time when America boasts the greatest number of millionaires in its history, there is a widespread feeling of emptiness plaguing individuals, families and society at large? Attorney and wealth management advisor Charlie Douglas has the answer. True wealth, he asserts, requires more than financial assets alone. True wealth requires harmonizing financial capital along with the secret of spiritual capital-a precious commodity in short supply. How can you accomplish this seemingly impossible task of balancing financial wealth and spiritual health in today's time-pressured, money-driven world? Through years of practical experience and hard-won wisdom, Charlie Douglas gives you a manageable and appealing solution, so you may realize the American Dream and enjoy a truly rich life, in all its facets.

In Rich Where It Counts you will discover:
. 7 proven principles that create lasting wealth and repel fleeting riches.
. The authentic American Dream and how you can achieve it.
. 3 eternal truths that will propel your life toward success and significance.
. Your life's purpose and the #1 thing you can do to live it well.
. America's patriotic heritage and why it must be passed on to the next generation.
. An economic bombshell awaiting you and what you can do to disarm it.
. How to leave a lasting legacy that inspires those you care about the most.

"In his terrific book, Rich Where It Counts, Charlie Douglas reminds us
where true riches are found. This is a must-read for anyone who seeks to put
wealth into its proper perspective and make a difference in the world."
-David 0. Williams, President and CEO, Make-A-Wish Foundation of America

Learn why leaders like Dr. Ken Blanchard, Dr. Stephen Covey, Truett Cathy, Jack Kemp, Thomas Monaghan, William Bennett, Steve Forbes, Dr. Robert Schuller and many more have heartily endorsed Charlie's timely message.
Charlie Douglas, J.D., AEP, CFP® is a nationally recognized speaker, author and professional advisor in the estate and wealth management industry. Visit his website www.richwhereitcounts.com
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