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Enamelling - the fusion of glass on metal - provides opportunities for amazing effects, colors and styles of jewelery. In this book, Ruth Ball outlines each of the main enamel techniques in step-by-step detail and gives an insight into the variety of modern methods available for exploration. Contents include: the fundamental preparations, enamel characteristics and types; designing, constructing, firing and finishing enamel; cloissone; engraving and etching; painted enamel; and various additional techniques, methods and effects. The gallery showcases work from over 30 international contemporary friendly, and there is also a 'troubleshooting' section to help readers identify, remedy and repair any problems they may encounter along the way. This is an extremely practical, accessible and user-freindly handbook, packed with useful information, advice and clearly illustrated, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.


Ruth Ball is both a professional jewellery designer and enameller as well as part-time lecturer at various art colleges. She runs jewellery and enamelling courses and she exhibits widely in the UK.


"the Handbook for Enamelling should be a welcome Christmas present for any person interested in the art of enamel." Association for Contemporary Jewellery (December 2006) "Enamelling is an extremely practical and user-friendly book, packed with useful information, advice and easy to follow step-by-step instructions." Thompson Enamel Inc (8th December 2006) "Ruth Ball writes as beautifully as she enamels. Each chapter is short, concise, and filled with insightful information not always included in books of this genre. I found it to be more informative in relation to peripheral materials than most." Enamelling Guild South Newsletter (January 2007)
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