Fracture and Failure of Natural Building Stones

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The restoration and conservation of stone monuments is a complicated multi-disciplinary task and the decisions finally reached must be based on a firm and detailed knowledge of the mechanical behaviour of both the authentic materials and the substitute stones. In this volume scientists from different disciplines (Structural Engineers, Archaeologists, Architects, Chemical Engineers, Geologists) present their experience and their scientific work in progress concerning the properties of a series of stones that have been used for the erection of some of the most important stone monuments of the international cultural heritage and are used today for substitution of missing parts or completion of damaged ones. Thus it is seen that the volume will be a very useful tool in the hands of a broad variety of scientists working in the field of the building materials of ancient monuments: It deals with the subject globally and it contains unpublished research results concerning the materials that are used or could be used for the conservation of the international cultural heritage.


Contributing Authors; Editor's Preface; Foreword ; Part I: Mechanical and Structural Aspects; Chapter 1: Fracture ; 1.1 Subcritical Cracking: A Cause of Rock Panel Failure in Buildings , by Chau K.T., Wong R.H.C., Wong T.-f.; 1.2 Studies on Sub-Critical Crack Growth in Façade Rock Panel Using Four-Point Bending, by Kwok K.W., Wong R.H.C., Chau K.T., Wong T.f.; 1.3 Notched Marble Specimens Under Direct Tension: The Influence of the shape of the notch , by Agioutantis Z., Kourkoulis S.K., Kontos G.; Chapter 2: Mechanical behaviour and properties; 2.1 Modelling Weathering Effects on the Mechanical Behaviour of Natural Building Stones , by Nova R.; 2.2 Mechanical Properties and Damage Diagnosis of Natural Building Stones , by Papamichos E., Papanicolopulos S.-A., Larsen I.; 2.3 The Mechanical Behaviour of Composite Specimens Made of Two Different Stones, by Ninis N.L., Kourkoulis S.K.; 2.4 Mechanical Characteristics of Roman 'Opus Caementicium' , by Giavarini C., Samuelli Ferretti A., Santarelli M.L.; Chapter 3: Masonry; 3.1 Continuum Modelling of Masonry Structures Under Static and Dynamic Loading , by Stefanou I., Sulem J., Vardoulakis I.; 3.2 Mechanical Behaviour of Masonry Structures Strengthened with Different Improvement Techniques, by Valluzzi M.R., Modena C.; 3.3 Stress Failure Analysis of Masonry Structures Under Earthquake Loading, by Syrmakezis C.A., Asteris P.G., Antonopoulos A.K., Mavrouli O.A.; 3.4 Compatibility of Materials Used for Repair of Masonry Buildings: Research and Applications , by Binda L., Saisi A., Tedeschi C.; Chapter 4: Conservation approaches - Applications - Case Studies; 4.1 The Difficult Choice of Materials for the Reconstruction of the Cathedral of Noto , by Binda L., Cardani G., Tiraboschi C.; 4.2 Technological and conservation aspects versus urban appearance in a stone-built environment: An evaluation approach , by Lobovikov-Katz A.; 4.3 Structural Stability of Historic Underground Openings in Rock , by Hatzor H. Y.,Tsesarsky M., Eimermacher R.C.; 4.4 Seismic Response of Classical Monuments With Fractured Structural Elements, by Psycharis I.N.; 4.5 Spanning Intervals: Towards Understanding the Ancient Greek Optimization Procedure for the Design of Horizontal Beams, by Papantonopoulos C.; 4.6 Joining Fragmented Marble Architraves Using Titanium Bars: A Numerical Analysis, by Kourkoulis S.K., Ganniari-Papageorgiou E., Mentzini M.; Part II: Physico-chemical and environmental aspects; Chapter 5: Weathering ; 5.1 Susceptibility of Building Stones to Environmental Loads: Evaluation, Performance, Repair Strategies , by Moropoulou A., Labropoulos K., Konstanti A., Roumpopoulos K., Bakolas A.Michailidis P.; 5.2 Controlling Stress from Salt Crystallization , by Houck J., Scherer G. W.; 5.3 Weathering of Building Stone: Approaches to Assessment, Prediction and Modelling, by Warke P.A., McKinley J., Smith B.J.; 5.4 Natural and Accelerated Weathering of Two Coloured Sicilian Building Stones, by Rizzo G., Ercoli L., Megna B.; Chapter 6: Freeze-thaw; 6.1 On-Site and Laboratory Studies of Strength Loss in Marble on Building Exteriors, by Logan J. M.; 6.2 The Integrity Loss of Physico-Mechanical Properties of Building Stones when Subjected to Recurrent Cycles of Freeze-Thaw (F-T) Process, by Altindag R., Sengün N., Güney A., Mutlutürk M., Karagüzel R., Onargan T.; 6.3 Monitoring of Thermal Conditions in Building Stone with Particular Reference to Freeze-Thaw Events , by Hall K.; Chapter 7: Thermal stresses; 7.1 The Effect of Thermal Stresses on the Mechanical Behaviour of Natural Building Stones, by Bellopede R., Ferrero A.M., Manfredotti L., Marini P., Migliazza M.; 7.2 Digital Image Analysis Contribution to the Evaluation of the Mechanical Decay of Granitic Stones Affected by Fires, by Gomez-Heras M., Figueiredo C., Varas M.J., Maurício A., Álvarez de Buergo M., Aires-Barros L., Fort R.; 7.3 The Behaviour of Natural Building Stones by Heat Effect ,
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