Stand-off Detection of Suicide Bombers and Mobile Subjects

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September 2006



This book is derived from lectures at an international NATO-Russian Advanced Research Workshop on the Stand-off-Detection of concealed explosives carried by suicide-bombers or in vehicles. Ideally, explosives should be detected by harmless methods at a distance, and unknown to the persons under inspection. The aim is to devise sensing techniques that will allow the shortest developing time sufficient to start commercial production. Short time availability is a prioritizing isssue.


Preface.- Acknowledgement.- Problem of Explosive Detection on Human Subjects; A. Rimsky-Korsakov.- MS-SRIP - Microwave System for Secret Standoff Inspection of People; A. Kuznetsov.- Secret Microwave 'Door' for Inspection of People and Luggage; I. Gorshkov, V. Averianov.- MIP-based Low-cost Sensor for Short-range Detection of Explosives; G. Bunte et al.- Scanned Multiple (Electro-) Chemical Sensors Located at Critical Infrastructures; G. Sakovich et al.- Real-Time Detection of IED Explosives with Laser Ionization Mass Spectrometry; H. Östmark et al.- High Speed Mid Infrared Detection of Explosives Using Laser Spectroscopy; A. Hoffmann, A. Lambrecht.- Remote Detection of Explosives by Enhanced Pulsed Laser Photodissociation / Laser Induced Fluorescence Method; T. Arusi-Parpar, I. Levy.- Gas Analytical System of Explosives Detection for the Manual Check of Objects and Use in Walk-through Portals; V.M. Gruznov, G.V. Sakovich.- Threat Detection DC to Daylight; L. Malotky.- Stand-off Detection of Concealed Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDS); R. Doyle, J. McNaboe.- Stand-off Detection of Surface Contaminations with Explosives Residues Using Laser-Spectroscopic Methods; R. Noll, C. Fricke-Begemann.- Distributed Trace Level Explosives Sensor Network; P. Strömbeck.- Time-resolved Excitation-Emission Matrices Spectroscopic Approach to Explosives Detection; S. Bobrovnikov.- MID-Infrared Lidar for Remote Detection of Explosives; C. Bauer et al.- Stand-off Detection of Explosives of Suicide Bombers by Means of Open-Path FTIR Spectroscopy; K. Weber et al.- 14N NQR Detection of Explosives; C. Fermon et al.- Stand-off Explosives Detection Using Terahertz Technology; M. Kemp et al.-
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