Finite-State Methods and Natural Language Processing

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Dezember 2006



This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Finite-State Methods in Natural Language Processing, FSMNLP 2005, held in Helsinki, Finland, September 2005. The book presents 24 revised full papers and seven revised poster papers together with two invited contributions and abstracts of six software demos. Topics include morphology, optimality theory, some special FSM families, weighted FSM algorithms, FSM representations, exploration, ordered structures, and surface parsing.


Invited Lectures.- Characterizations of Regularity.- Finnish Optimality-Theoretic Prosody.- Contributed Papers.- Partitioning Multitape Transducers.- Squeezing the Infinite into the Finite.- A Novel Approach to Computer-Assisted Translation Based on Finite-State Transducers.- Finite-State Registered Automata and Their Uses in Natural Languages.- TAGH: A Complete Morphology for German Based on Weighted Finite State Automata.- Klex: A Finite-State Transducer Lexicon of Korean.- Longest-Match Pattern Matching with Weighted Finite State Automata.- Finite-State Syllabification.- Algorithms for Minimum Risk Chunking.- Collapsing ?-Loops in Weighted Finite-State Machines.- WFSM Auto-intersection and Join Algorithms.- Further Results on Syntactic Ambiguity of Internal Contextual Grammars.- Error-Driven Learning with Bracketing Constraints.- Parsing with Lexicalized Probabilistic Recursive Transition Networks.- Integrating a POS Tagger and a Chunker Implemented as Weighted Finite State Machines.- Modelling the Semantics of Calendar Expressions as Extended Regular Expressions.- Using Finite State Technology in a Tool for Linguistic Exploration.- Applying a Finite Automata Acquisition Algorithm to Named Entity Recognition.- Principles, Implementation Strategies, and Evaluation of a Corpus Query System.- On Compact Storage Models for Gazetteers.- German Compound Analysis with wfsc.- Scaling an Irish FST Morphology Engine for Use on Unrestricted Text.- Improving Inter-level Communication in Cascaded Finite-State Partial Parsers.- Pivotal Synchronization Languages: A Framework for Alignments.- Abstracts of Interactive Presentations.- A Complete FS Model for Amharic Morphographemics.- Tagging with Delayed Disambiguation.- A New Algorithm for Unsupervised Induction of Concatenative Morphology.- Morphological Parsing of Tone: An Experiment with Two-Level Morphology on the Ha Language.- Describing Verbs in Disjoining Writing Systems.- An FST Grammar for Verb Chain Transfer in a Spanish-Basque MT System.- Finite State Transducers Based on k-TSS Grammars for Speech Translation.- Abstracts of Software Demos.- Unsupervised Morphology Induction Using Morfessor.- SProUT - A General-Purpose NLP Framework Integrating Finite-State and Unification-Based Grammar Formalisms.- Tool Demonstration: Functional Morphology.- From Xerox to Aspell: A First Prototype of a North Sámi Speller Based on TWOL Technology.- A Programming Language for Finite State Transducers.- FIRE Station.


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