Algorithm Theory - SWAT 2006

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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 10th Scandinavian Workshop on Algorithm Theory, SWAT 2006, held in Riga, Latvia, in July 2006. The proceedings includes 36 revised full papers presented together with 3 invited papers, addressing issues of theoretical algorithmics and applications in various fields including graph algorithms, computational geometry, scheduling, approximation algorithms, network algorithms, data storage and manipulation, combinatorics, sorting, searching, online algorithms, optimization, amd more.


Invited Papers.- Top-Down Analysis of Path Compression: Deriving the Inverse-Ackermann Bound Naturally (and Easily).- Results and Problems on Self-adjusting Search Trees and Related Data Structures.- Classic and Quantum Network Coding.- Contributed Papers.- Multiplexing Packets with Arbitrary Deadlines in Bounded Buffers.- Scheduling Jobs on Grid Processors.- Variable Sized Online Interval Coloring with Bandwidth.- A Simpler Linear-Time Recognition of Circular-Arc Graphs.- An Algorithm for Online Topological Ordering.- Dynamic Matching Markets and Voting Paths.- Sorting by Merging or Merging by Sorting?.- Finding the Position of the k-Mismatch and Approximate Tandem Repeats.- Unbiased Matrix Rounding.- Online, Non-preemptive Scheduling of Equal-Length Jobs on Two Identical Machines.- Paging with Request Sets.- Decentralization and Mechanism Design for Online Machine Scheduling.- Exponential Time Algorithms for the Minimum Dominating Set Problem on Some Graph Classes.- Exact Computation of Maximum Induced Forest.- Fast Subexponential Algorithm for Non-local Problems on Graphs of Bounded Genus.- On the Approximation Hardness of Some Generalizations of TSP.- Reoptimization of Minimum and Maximum Traveling Salesman's Tours.- The Node-Weighted Steiner Problem in Graphs of Restricted Node Weights.- On Guarding Rectilinear Domains.- Approximation Algorithms for the Minimum Convex Partition Problem.- Approximation of Octilinear Steiner Trees Constrained by Hard and Soft Obstacles.- Simultaneous Embedding with Two Bends per Edge in Polynomial Area.- Acyclic Orientation of Drawings.- Improved Algorithms for Quantum Identification of Boolean Oracles.- Approximability of Minimum AND-Circuits.- Triangles, 4-Cycles and Parameterized (In-)Tractability.- Better Approximation Schemes for Disk Graphs.- An Approximation Algorithm for the Wireless Gathering Problem.- Minimum Membership Set Covering and the Consecutive Ones Property.- Approximating Rational Objectives Is as Easy as Approximating Linear Ones.- In-Place Algorithms for Computing (Layers of) Maxima.- Largest and Smallest Tours and Convex Hulls for Imprecise Points.- On Spanners of Geometric Graphs.- The Weighted Maximum-Mean Subtree and Other Bicriterion Subtree Problems.- Linear-Time Algorithms for Tree Root Problems.- Generalized Powers of Graphs and Their Algorithmic Use.


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