The Secret of Hogan's Swing

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September 2006



Praise for "The Secret of Hogan's Swing" ""The Secret of Hogan's Swing" goes beyond pure instruction, offering insightful shot-making and strategy tips passed on to former tour pro John Schlee from Ben Hogan and interpreted wonderfully by Tom Bertrand and Printer Bowler." - John Andrisani, author of "Tiger's New Swing and Heaven Can Wait" "Like finding the Rosetta stone of golf. . . . Tom Bertrand and Printer Bowler's The Secret of Hogan's Swing gives us a pipeline to the Master's wisdom that we thought had been lost forever. Secret is an instruction book like no other. It's the Hogan book Hogan himself never wrote, packed with the insights the great champion passed on to John Schlee (in a fascinating mentor-disciple relationship) and that Schlee, in turn, bequeathed to Tom Bertrand. We'll probably never have anything like this again. Hogan's gone, Schlee's gone, but thank goodness we've got Tom Bertrand to preserve the nuggets of pure golfing gold that the Master dug up 'out of the dirt' of ten thousand practice tees and a thousand tournaments. "The Secret of Hogan's Swing" demonstrates that the vein of wisdom left by the peerless champion still yields up precious ore, not just in the technical aspects of the golf swing (Hogan's concepts are not only absolutely modern but even quite radical) but in his insights into the psychological and mental aspects of the game. His concept of the 'moving wall' is worth the price of the book alone. A must-read for every serious student of the game." - Steven Pressfield, author of "The Legend of Bagger Vance"


Preface. Introduction. 1 Meeting the Master. 2 Maximum Golf: The Front Nine. 3 Maximum Golf: The Closing Holes. 4 Tracking the Secret. 5 The Technology of Hogan's Secret. 6 The Legendary Golf System. Epilogue: What Next? Practice, of Course. Acknowledgments.


TOM BERTRAND was a student and business partner of one of Ben Hogan's very few students, John Schlee, from whom he learned Hogan's secrets? PRINTER BOWLER is the author of The Cosmic Laws of Golf (and everything else).

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