Groups and Characters

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November 1999



This text provides an easy to follow introduction to the theory of groups and of group characters. The author presents group theory through the Sylow Theorems and uses many worked-out examples, including the full subgroup structure of A5. Representations and characters are worked out with numerous character tables plus real and induced characters that lead to the table for S5. The book includes sections that provide the mathematical basis for some of the applications of group theory in spectroscopy and molecular structure. It is also full of exercises that five the reader a sense of the applications to larger projects.


Introductory Examples Groups and Subgroups Point Groups and Cosets Homomorphisms and Normal Subgroups Isomorphisms and Automorphisms Factor Groups Sylow Subgroups Permutation Groups Matrix Groups Group Representations Regular Representations Irreducible Representations Representations of Abelian Groups Group Characters Orthogonality Relations and Character Tables Reducible Characters The Burnside Counting Theorem Real Characters Induced Representations and Characters The Character Table for S5 Space Groups and Semi-Direct Products Proofs of the Sylow Theorems References Bibliography Index Index of Symbols.


"rigorous and appropriateexcellent starting point for anyone interested in the theory of groups, representations and characters. Upper division undergraduates through professionals." -D. S. Larson, Gonzago University in CHOICE
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