Israel's Prophets and Israel's Past: Essays on the Relationship of Prophetic Texts and Israelite History in Honor of John H. Hayes

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November 2006



A festschrift for John Hayes that highlights the intersection between the prophetic texts and Israelite historiography.>


Front Matter Brad E. Kelle and Megan Bishop Moore, Editorial Preface Part One: The Prophets: History as Worldview and Context; J. Gordon McConville, "'How Shall Jacob Stand? He is So Small': The Prophetic Word and the Re-creation of Israel"; Ehud Ben Zvi, "De-historization and Historization in Prophetic Books"; Sara Mandell, "Insiders, Outsiders, and the World of the Prophets"; Carol A. Newsom, "The Book of Daniel and Apocalyptic Historiography"; Brad E. Kelle, "The Prophet as Rhetorical Orator? Earlier Analogies and New Metaphors for Ancient Israelite Prophets"; Yehoshua Gitay, "Biblical Rhetoric: Reconsidered," Abstract TBA; Part Two: The Prophets: Texts, Contexts, and History; J. J. M. Roberts, "Isaiah's Oracles on Egypt and Cush in Their Historical Setting"; Philip Davies, "The Politics of the Servant"; Marvin Sweeney, "The Royal Oracle In Ezekiel 37:15-28: Ezekiel's Reflection On Josiah's Reform"; Julie Galambush, "The Not-so-secret Identity of Gog"; Alice W. Hunt; Stuart A. Irvine, "Relating Prophetic Texts and History: Examples from Hosea"; Peggy Day; Susan Haddox, "May His Soldiers Become Women: The Play of Gender in Hosea and its Political Implications"; Gene Tucker, "Amos in Historical Context"; Marc Zvi Brettler, "Redaction, History, and Redaction-History of Amos in Recent Scholarship"; Bob Becking, "Zechariah 4 and Early Post-Exilic History"; Part Three: The Prophets: Historical Method and Reception J. Maxwell Miller; Megan Bishop Moore, "The Prophets - Israel's Earliest Historians?"; Jeffrey K. Kuan, "Problems and Issues in Interpreting the Neo-Assyrian Eponym Chronicles and Their Implications for the Study of Prophetic Literature."; Brent A. Strawn, "Herodotus' History 2.141 and the Deliverance of Jerusalem: On Parallels, Sources, and Histories of Ancient Israel"; Oded Borowski, "The Biblical mzrq - What Is It?"; David Petersen, "The Ambiguous Role of Moses as Prophet"; Martin J. Buss, "The Place of Hebrew Prophets in Macrohistory" A Select Bibliography of John H. Hayes (Kelle and Moore); End Matter.


Brad E. Kelle is Assistant Professor of Biblical Literature at Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego, California.


"The book provides a fascinating kaleidoscope of different methods, and the result is, as could be expected, polyvalent. The many different methods and ways of looking at the issue of extracting historical information from the prophetic writings provide valuable insight into epistemology. As such, it is well worth reading." -Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer, Review of Biblical Literature, November 2008
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