Religious Responses Upon Political Crises in Jewish and Christian Tradition

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A collection of papers taken from the annual conference held in turn by Tel Aviv and Bochum, focusing on the important role religious views have played in critical moments during Jewish and Christian history.>


Part I. The Bible and the Biblical Period; 1. Frank Polak, "Samuel and the Memory of the Religious Opposition to the Instauration of the Monarchy"; 2. Henning Graf Reventlow, "A Religious Alternative to a Political Response to a Severe Political Crisis. King Ahas and the Prophet Isaiah"; 3. Yair Hoffman, "Patterns of Religious Response to National Crisis In the Hebrew Bible and Some Methodological Reflections"; 4. Dr. Edward Greenstein, "The Book of Lamentations: Response to Destruction or Ritual of Rebuilding?"; 5. Oded Lipschits, "Nehemiah's Wall: Religious and Sociological Aspects"; Part II. The Postbiblical Period; 1. Bilha Nitzan, "The Reality and Hopes of the Qumran Community as Response to Crises in Second Temple Judaism"; 2. Elke Toenges, "The Image of God as Father as a Response to Political Crises in the First Century B.C.E."; 3. Vered Noam, "The Disappearance of the Divine Spirit or a Miraculous Victory? Opposing Religious Interpretations of the Same Event"; 4. Aharon Oppenheimer, "Ethical and Halakhic Responses to the Persecutions following the Bar Kokhba Revolt"; Part III. The Medieval Period; 1. Meira Polliack, "Exegetical Dimensions of Religious Crisis in Mediaval Judaism: The Cases of Karaite and Andalusian Biblical Exegesis; Part IV. The Modern Period; 1. Christian Link, "How Theology Coped with the Crisis of the First World War"; 2. Christofer Frey, "Political Religion, Political Theology, and the Doctrine of the Two Kingdoms"; 3. Franz Heinrich Beyer, "'Silence' and 'Sensiibility for Transcendence' - Observations on the Language of Architecture and Art in Outstanding Rooms of Present Times".


Henning Graf Reventlow is Professor Emeritus of Old Testament Exegesis and Theology, Faculty of Protestant Theology, University of the Ruhr, Bochum, Germany. Yair Hoffman is Professor of Bible in the Department of Bible at Tel Aviv University, Israel.


Mention New Testament Abstracts, Vol. 53 No. 1, 2009
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