Research Methods for the Social Sciences

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A guide to research in the social and behavioural sciences. It discusses its value, its limitations and its uses. It tackles difficult issues and concepts in a scholarly manner, providing guidance and signposts to further reading. It is intended for those working in a research environment.


Part One Introduction to Research; 1. A broad introduction to social research; 2. Approaches to social research; 3. Considering the quality of research: methodology, theory and location; 4. The researcher's role and responsibility; Part Two Qualitative Methods - Their Value and Their Limits; 5. Some qualitative methods considered; 6. Dealing with qualitative data; Part Three The Quantitative Approach: value and limits; 7. Dealing with Quantitative Data; 8. Psychometrics: measuring traits and states; Part Four Presenting and Disseminating Research; 9. Presenting and reporting research; References and Further reading; Glossary of terms; Appendices 1, 2 and 3.


Jerry Wellington is a professor in the School of Education at the University of Sheffield, and has authored and edited over a dozen books Marcin Szczerbinski is a lecturer in the Department of Human Communication Science at the University of Sheffield.

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