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Provides students and readers with an introduction to key authors and novels since 1990 through a collection of the perspectives on British fiction. This book offers comprehensive coverage of a range of selected contemporary authors, drawing together both established and emerging literary voices reflecting the scope of the British writing.


Acknowledgements; List of Contributors; Introduction; Rod Mengham & Philip Tew; PART I: MODERN LIVES, CONTEMPORARY LIVING; Introduction; Rod Mengham and Philip Tew; 1. The Middle Years of Martin Amis - Joe Brooker; 2. Julian Barnes and a Case of English Identity - Dominic Head; 3. Genre, Repetition and History in Jonathan Coe - Pam Thurschwell; 4. Alan Hollinghurst and Homosexual Identity - Kaye Mitchell; PART II: DISTORTIONS AND DREAMS; Introduction; Rod Mengham and Philip Tew; 5. Reconsidering the Novels of Peter Ackroyd - Tamas Benyei; 6. Jenny Diski's Millenial Imagination - Philip Tew; 7. Ben Okri's Fiction 1995-2005- Chris Ringrose; 8. Salman Rushdie: Paradox and Truth - Robert Eaglestone; PART III: STATES OF IDENTITY; Introduction - Rod Mengham and Philip Tew; 9. Possessing Toby Litt's Ghost Story - Leigh Wilson; 10. Ian McEwan's Ethical Fiction - Lynn Wells; 11. Considering Zadie Smith's On Beauty - Fiona Tolan; 12. Jeanette Winterson's Lighthouse keeping - Sonya Andermahr; PART IV: HISTORIES; Introduction; Rod Mengham and Philip Tew; 13. Pat Barker's Regeneration Trilogy - Nick Hubble; 14. A.S. Byatt's Woven Realism -Wendy Wheeler; 15. Fiction's History: Adam Thorpe - Rod Mengham; 16. Sarah Waters and the Victorians - Mark Wormald; Index.


Rod Mengham is Reader in Modern English Literature at the University of Cambridge, UK. Philip Tew is Professor in English at the University College Northampton, UK. He is founding Director of the London Network for Modern Fiction Studies.


"'[An] insightful, perceptive and nuanced analysis... the collection is a landmark in the critical analysis of current literary culture.' THES 'I was impressed by the range and conscientious skill of the critics... this collection discusses much of the best in contemporary British writing...' Sir Frank Kermode, formerly King Edward Professor of English at Cambridge 'An admirably ambitious attempt to map the contemporary literary scene, impressive both in the range and depth of its coverage. Certainly the sharpest and most up-to-date book I have read on the subject.' Jonathan Coe"
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