Richard Wright's Native Son

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November 2006



Richard Wright's "Native Son" (1940) presents an account of crime and racism which remain the source of profound disagreement both within African-American culture and throughout the world. Part of the "Routledge Guides to Literature" series, this book acts as a guide to this novel and provides a range of perspectives.


'Contents Table of Illustrations, 00 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS, 00 1. INTRODUCTION, 00 2. TEXTS AND CONTEXTS, 00 Richard Wright: A Brief Biography, 00 The Voices of Native Son, 00 The Dostoevskian Voice, 00 The Transplantation of the Blues, 00 Bigger's Vernacular Voice, 00 Social Determinism: An Anti-American Accent?, 00 Bigger: Silenced by Whiteness?, 00 3. CRITICAL HISTORY, 00 First Responses: James Baldwin, 00 First Responses: Ralph Ellison and Irving Howe, 00 Feminist Readings, 00 The Black Atlantic and Beyond, 00 4. CRITICAL READINGS, 00 James Baldwin, 'Many Thousands Gone' (1951), 00 Hazel Rowley, 'The Shadow of the White Woman: Richard Wright and the Book-of-the-Month Club' (1999), 00 Anthony Dawahare, 'From No Man's Land to Mother-Land: Emasculation and Nationalism in Richard Wright's Depression Era Urban Novels' (1999), 00 Clare Eby, 'Slouching toward Beastliness: Richard Wright's Anatomy of Thomas Dixon' (2001), 00 James Smethurst, 'Invented by Horror: the Gothic and African American Literary Ideology in Native Son' (2001), 00 5. WEB RESOURCES AND FURTHER READING, 00 6. CHRONOLOGY, 00 7. INDEX, 00'


Andrew Warnes is a lecturer in American literature at the University of Leeds. He has published on the novels of Richard Wright, Zora Neale Hurston and Toni Morrison.

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