Configuration Management the Missing Link INF Web Engineering

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An examination of configuration management (CM) from a "business value" perspective. It discusses CM technology, reveals "best practice" techniques for selecting and deploying automated CM solutions, explores nine challenges facing e-commerce, and provides advice on avoiding pitfalls.


The Nature of the WWW and Web Development. What is CM? Understanding the Tools that Support CM. Selecting a Tool. Deploying a Solution. Case Studies. Appendix: Process Templates.


Susan Dart is currently principal, application lifecycle management at Pretzel Logic. She is a CM evangelist and consultant with 24 years of experience in software tools and development and technology adoption. Her unique experience spans academia and industry and includes positions in software and tool development, sales, research, and executive management for a leading CM tool vendor. A well-known speaker at international seminars and conferences, and the author of an earlier book on CM and more than 60 professional papers, she received her B.Sc. from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, her M.Sc. in Software engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. Her background includes seven years at the Software Engineering Institute.
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