Chajim H. Steinthal: Csprachwissenschaftler Und Philosoph Im 19.Jahrhundert/Linguist and Philosopher in the 19th Century

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April 2002



The volume is dedicated to the work of Chajim H. Steinthal (1823-1899), who in the second half of the nineteenth century was a prominent philosophical linguist and also an eminent teacher of the "Science of Judaism." Together with Moritz Lazarus he founded the discipline of "Voelkerpsychologie" ("psychology of nations").


Hartwig Wiedebach, Ph.D., University of Zurich, is Researcher at the Moses-Mendelssohn Centre for European-Judaic Studies, University of Potsdam. His most recent publications are Religion of Reason Out of the Sources of Judaism. Tradition and the Concept of Origin in Hermann Cohen's Later Work, with G. Motzkin and H. Holzhey, (Hildesheim, 2000) and Die Bedeutung der Nationalitat fur Hermann Cohen, (Hildesheim, 1997). Annette Winkelmann, MA in Judaic Studies, University of Cologne, is Project Manager at the Leopold Zunz Centre for the Study of European Judaism and Managing Editor of the Newsletter of the European Association for Jewish Studies. Her most recent publications are Religious Confessions and the Sciences in the Sixteenth Century with J. Helm, (Leiden, 2001) and Directory of Jewish Studies in Europe, (Oxford, 1998).


'"This volume adds invaluably to our historical knowledge of the much forgotten but highly significant influence of H. Steinthal in developing the study of modern linguistics and in creating modern Jewish studies. In so doing, this collection of essays raises anew many urgent philosophical questions about the interconnections between language, theology, and politics. Individually the essays are excellent and as a whole the volume is a major contribution to our understanding of European Judaism.'
Leora Batnitzky, "Princeton University.
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