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Cooper's biography illuminates the reality of Beethoven's life, a refreshing departure from the usual star struck admiration of the composer. Accessible to, and essential for, the Beethoven scholar and general reader, this updated edition of Beethoven will enlighten readers through a close examination of both his works and expert commentary.


Preface ; Illustrations ; Abbreviations ;
1. Young Genius (1770-83) ;
2. Adolescence (1784-9) ;
3. Farewell to Bonn (1790-2) ;
4. The Conquest of Vienna (1972-5) ;
5. Wider Horizons (1796-8) ;
6. First Quartets and First Symphony (1799-1800) ;
7. Hope and Despair (1801-2) ;
8. After Heiligenstadt (1802-3) ;
9. L'amour conjugal (1804-6) ;
10. A Cluster of Masterpieces (1806-8) ;
11. Financial Security? (1809-10) ;
12. Immortal Beloved (1811-12) ;
13. The political phase (1813-15) ;
14. Declining productivity (1815-17) ;
15. Gigantism (1818-20) ;
16. Completion of the Mass (1820-2) ;
17. Completion of the Ninth (1822-4) ;
18. End of an Era (1824-7) ; Appendices: ;
A. Calendar ;
B. List of Works ;
C. Personalia ;
D. Select bibliography


Barry Cooper is Senior Lecturer in Music at the University of Manchester and author of Beethoven and the Creative Process and Beethoven's Folksong Settings.


"Cooper has produced a comprehensive and valuable reference source...In addition to the sizeable bibliography, a detailed list of Beethoven's compositions, a few illustrations and numerous musical examples, there is a 'calendar'...giving a year-by-year summary of Beethoven's activity against a backdrop of other events in the world of music, and there is also a very useful 'personalia' listing more than a hundred individuals of significance in Beethoven's life, with concise but pertinent background."--Richard Freed, The Washington Post"Barry Cooper has crafted a thoroughly refreshing and reliable new biography for the 21st century. He seamlessly recounts the story of Beethoven's life and music with clarity and vigour, avoiding both hero worship and hostile attempts to tumble the composer from some imaginary throne. Cautious where caution is warranted yet perfectly willing to hypothesize, Cooper sets just the right tone in reporting and reflecting on modern Beethoven scholarship."--William R. Meredith, Director, The Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies"This balanced biography that integrates Beethoven's feelings and motivations with his music belongs wherever there are those who enjoy the great melodies, structures, and harmonic complexities of this unique figure in the world of classical music."--Booklist
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