PHP 4 Developer's Guide

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PHP - a server-side, embedded HTML scripting language - is used to develop dynamic Web content. This book provides the tools and information needed to build Web applications and databases with PHP 4. It covers installation, configuration, database connectivity, working with XML and CGL, and more. It also includes details on features in PHP 4.


Chapter 1: Building and Installing PHP4. Chapter 2: The Language. Chapter 3: Forms and Cookies. Chapter 4: Working with Files. Chapter 5: Forms and File Uploading. Chapter 6: Working with Databases. Chapter 7: Sessions and Application State. Chapter 8: Authentication. Chapter 9: Browser Independence. Chapter 10: Debugging. Chapter 11: Code Reuse. Chapter 12: Separating HTML from PHP. Chapter 13: Cool PHP. Chapter 14: Template-Based Web Site. Chapter 15: Database-Driven Web Site. Chapter 16: Generating Static HTML Pages from Dynamic Data. Chapter 17: E-Commerce Web Sites.


Blake Schwendiman (Rexburg, ID) is the head of Intechra, LLC and Pythoness Software, his own companies which perform development consulting and develop commercial software products. Clients include John Deere, VantagePoint Network, and Arthur Andersen. Blake has been doing both client and server-side development for nearly ten years, including ASP, COM, PHP, CGI, JavaScript, and HTML.
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