Advances in Network and Acoustic Echo Cancellation

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April 2001



This book brings together many advanced topics in network and acoustic echo cancellation aimed towards enhancing the echo cancellation performance of next-generation telecommunication systems. The resulting compendium provides a coherent treatment of such topics not found otherwise in journals or other books.


1. An Introduction to the Problem of Echo in Speech Communication.- 2. A Family of Robust PNLMS-Like Algorithms for Network Echo Cancellation.- 3. A Robust Fast Recursive Least-Squares Adaptive Algorithm.- 4. Dynamic Resource Allocation for Network Echo Cancellation.- 5. Multichannel Acoustic Echo Cancellation.- 6. A Fast Normalized Cross-Correlation DTD Combined with a Robust Multichannel Fast Recursive Least-Squares Algorithm.- 7. Some Practical Aspects of Stereo Teleconferencing System Implementation.- 8. General Derivation of Frequency-Domain Adaptive Filtering.- 9. Multichannel Acoustic Echo and Double-Talk Handling: A Frequency-Domain Approach.- 10. Linear Interpolation Applied to Adaptive Filtering.- References.


From the reviews of the first edition:
"Adaptive filtering is now part and parcel of wide range of research, development and production systems. ... here is one of the more useful and usable publications the reviewer has read. All-in-all, reading the book would be a worthwhile activity for anyone actively working with adaptive signal processing ... ." (Scott D Snyder, The Physicist, Vol. 38 (6), 2001)
"This book is clearly and well written and will be of great interest to those interested in adaptive filtering and echo cancellation. It is a fine piece of engineering showing the impact of practical considerations and numerical aspects of optimization algorithms and their implementation." (A. Akutowicz, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 965, 2001)
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