Attention in Cognitive Systems. Theories and Systems from an Interdisciplinary Viewpoint

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Januar 2008



This volume provides a much-needed interdisciplinary angle on the subject of attention in cognitive systems. It constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-workshop proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Attention in Cognitive Systems, held in Hyderabad, India, in January 2007. The 31 papers are organized in topical sections that cover every aspect of the subject, from the embodiment of attention and its cognitive control, to the applications of attentive vision.


Embodiment of Attention.- The Embodied Dynamics of Emotion, Appraisal and Attention.- The Role of Attention in Creating a Cognitive System.- The Influence of the Body and Action on Spatial Attention.- Abstraction Level Regulation of Cognitive Processing Through Emotion-Based Attention Mechanisms.- Embodied Active Vision in Language Learning and Grounding.- Language Label Learning for Visual Concepts Discovered from Video Sequences.- Cognitive Control of Attention.- Learning to Attend - From Bottom-Up to Top-Down.- An Attentional System Combining Top-Down and Bottom-Up Influences.- The Selective Attention for Identification Model (SAIM): Simulating Visual Search in Natural Colour Images.- A Bayesian Approach to Attention Control and Concept Abstraction.- Modeling of Saliency and Visual Search.- An Information Theoretic Model of Saliency and Visual Search.- An Experimental Comparison of Three Guiding Principles for the Detection of Salient Image Locations: Stability, Complexity, and Discrimination.- A Proto-object Based Visual Attention Model.- Context Driven Focus of Attention for Object Detection.- Color Saliency and Inhibition Using Static and Dynamic Scenes in Region Based Visual Attention.- I See What You See: Eye Movements in Real-World Scenes Are Affected by Perceived Direction of Gaze.- Sequential Attention.- Selective Attention in the Learning of Viewpoint and Position Invariance.- Generating Sequence of Eye Fixations Using Decision-Theoretic Attention Model.- Reinforcement Learning for Decision Making in Sequential Visual Attention.- Biologically Inspired Framework for Learning and Abstract Representation of Attention Control.- Biological Aspects of Attention.- Modeling the Dynamics of Feature Binding During Object-Selective Attention.- The Spiking Search over Time and Space Model (sSoTS): Simulating Dual Task Experiments and the Temporal Dynamics of Preview Search.- On the Role of Dopamine in Cognitive Vision.- Differences and Interactions Between Cerebral Hemispheres When Processing Ambiguous Words.- Attention in Early Vision: Some Psychophysical Insights.- Auditory Gist Perception: An Alternative to Attentional Selection of Auditory Streams?.- Applications of Attentive Vision.- Simultaneous Robot Localization and Mapping Based on a Visual Attention System.- Autonomous Attentive Exploration in Search and Rescue Scenarios.- Attention-Based Landmark Selection in Autonomous Robotics.- Simulation and Formal Analysis of Visual Attention in Cognitive Systems.- Region-Oriented Visual Attention Framework for Activity Detection.- Autonomous Attentive Exploration in Search and Rescue Scenarios.
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