OpenMP Shared Memory Parallel Programming

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The refereed proceedings of the International Workshop on OpenMP Applications and Tools, WOMPAT 2003, held in Toronto, Canada in June 2003. The 20 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected for inclusion in the book. The papers are organized in sections on tools and tool technology, OpenMP implementations, OpenMP experience, and OpenMP on clusters.


Tools and Tool Technology I.- OpenMP Support in the Intel® Thread Checker.- A C++ Infrastructure for Automatic Introduction and Translation of OpenMP Directives.- Analyses for the Translation of OpenMP Codes into SPMD Style with Array Privatization.- A Runtime Optimization System for OpenMP.- OpenMP Implementations.- A Practical OpenMP Compiler for System on Chips.- Evaluation of OpenMP for the Cyclops Multithreaded Architecture.- Busy-Wait Barrier Synchronization Using Distributed Counters with Local Sensor.- OpenMP Experience.- An OpenMP Implementation of Parallel FFT and Its Performance on IA-64 Processors.- OpenMP and Compilation Issue in Embedded Applications.- Parallelizing Parallel Rollout Algorithm for Solving Markov Decision Processes.- Tools and Tool Technology II.- DMPL: An OpenMP DLL Debugging Interface.- Is the Schedule Clause Really Necessary in OpenMP?.- Extended Overhead Analysis for OpenMP Performance Tuning.- OpenMP on Clusters.- Supporting Realistic OpenMP Applications on a Commodity Cluster of Workstations.- OpenMP Runtime Support for Clusters of Multiprocessors.- Selected Papers from WOMPAT 2002.- An Evaluation of MPI and OpenMP Paradigms for Multi-Dimensional Data Remapping.- Experiences Using OpenMP Based on Compiler Directed Software DSM on a PC Cluster.- Managing C++ OpenMP Code and Its Exception Handling.- Improving the Performance of OpenMP by Array Privatization.- OpenMP Application Tuning Using Hardware Performance Counters.


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