Practical Reason

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aeo Pierre Bourdieu is one of the most influential social thinkers of the late twentieth century. aeo This book provides an excellent and in--depth introduction to his work and to the principles and assumptions which underlie it.


Preface. 1. Social Space and Symbolic Space. Appendix: The "Soviet" Variant and Political Capital. 2. The New Capital. A. ppendix: Social Space and Field of Power. 3. Rethinking the State: Genesis and Structure of the Bureaucratic Field. Appendix: The Family Spirit. 4. Is a Disinterested Act Possible?. 5. The Economy of Symbolic Goods. Appendix: Remarks on the Economy of the Church. 6. The Scholastic Point of View. A Paradoxical Foundation of Ethics. Index.


Pierre Bourdieu was Professor of Sociology at the College de France.


a This is a powerful and archetypal sociology. No aspect of human action or belief escapes demystification.a BSA Network a Overall, this is an excellent introduction to Bourdieua s own work and will be useful to undergraduate and postgraduate students in cultural studies.a Cultural Studies: General, The Yeara s Work in Critical and Cultural Theory
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