Politics and Human Rights

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Januar 1996



This volume of specially commissioned articles is devoted to a consideration of how the subject of human rights impacts on contemporary politics and on the discipline of political science.


Introduction:. Human Rights in the Study of Politics D. Beetham (Leeds University). Human Rights and Political Theory:. 1. Human Rights in Political Theory: S Mendus (York University). 2. Are There Collective Human Rights?: M Freeman (Essex University). 3. What Future for Economic and Social Rights?: D. Beetham (Leeds University). Human Rights in a Global Context:. 4. State Sovereignty and Human Rights: Towards a Global Constitutional Project: A Rosas (Abo Akademi University). 5. Stock Taking on Human Rights: The World Conference on Human Rights, Vienna 1993: K Boyle (Essex University). 6. The Role and Limits of Human Rights NGOs at the United Nations: R Brett (Quaker United Nations Office). 7. Human Rights and US Foreign Policy: Two Levels, Two Worlds: D P Forsythe (Nebraska-Lincoln University). Regional Perspectives on Human Rights. 8. Human Rights and the New Europe: Experience and Experiment: H Storey (Leeds University). 9. Relativism and Universalism in Human Rights; The Case of the Islamic Middle East: F Halliday (London School of Economics & Political Science). 10. Human Rights in the Processes of Transition and Consolidation of Democracy in Latin America: F Panizza (Institute of Latin American Studies, London University). 11. Human Rights and Democratisation in Africa: S Kaballo (Sudan Human Rights Organisation). 12. Regime Security and Human Rights in Southeast Asia: K Christie (Natal University).
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