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The 10th International Symposium on Graph Drawing (GD 2002) was held on August 26-28,2002,at Irvine,California. The conference attracted 74 parti- pants from academic and industrial institutions in 14 countries. As in previous years,the review process was competitive: 24 out of 48 regular submissions were accepted. In addition,9 short papers and 8 system demonst- tions (1 withdrawn) were also accepted. Each submission was refereed by at least 4 members of the program committee,and detailed comments were returned to the authors. GD 2002 invited two speakers: Frank Ruskey,from the University of Victoria, gave a talk on drawing Venn diagrams; James Arvo,from the California Institute of Technology,gave a talk on techniques for interactive graph drawing. As usual,the Graph Drawing contest was held during the conference. The report on the contest is included in the proceedings. We would like to thank all the people who helped organize and run the conference. We would like to thank our sponsors: ILOG,MERL (Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories),sd&m (Software Design & Management),Tom Sawyer Software,and the University of California,Irvine. We would also like to thank all the contributors and participants who made GD 2002 a success. The 11th International Symposium of Graph Drawing (GD 2003) will be held on September 21-24,2003 at Perugia,Italy,with Giuseppe Liotta as the conference chair.


Papers.- Sketch-Driven Orthogonal Graph Drawing.- Maintaining the Mental Map for Circular Drawings.- Graphs, They Are Changing.- Drawing Graphs on Two and Three Lines.- Path-Width and Three-Dimensional Straight-Line Grid Drawings of Graphs.- Drawing Outer-Planar Graphs in O(n log n )Area.- Computing Labeled Orthogonal Drawings.- Computing and Drawing Isomorphic Subgraphs.- A Group-Theoretic Method for Drawing Graphs Symmetrically.- A Branch-and-Cut Approach to the Directed Acyclic Graph Layering Problem.- Geometric Systems of Disjoint Representatives.- An Efficient Fixed Parameter Tractable Algorithm for 1-Sided Crossing Minimization.- Simple and Efficient Bilayer Cross Counting.- Orthogonal 3D Shapes of Theta Graphs.- Separating Thickness from Geometric Thickness.- Book Embeddings and Point-Set Embeddings of Series-Parallel Digraphs.- Compact Encodings of Planar Orthogonal Drawings.- Fractional Lengths and Crossing Numbers.- Drawing Directed Graphs Using One-Dimensional Optimization.- Graph Drawing by High-Dimensional Embedding.- Advances in C-Planarity Testing of Clustered Graphs.- HGV: A Library for Hierarchies, Graphs, and Views.- Rectangular Drawings of Planar Graphs.- Extended Rectangular Drawings of Plane Graphs with Designated Corners.- RINGS: A Technique for Visualizing Large Hierarchies.- Applying Crossing Reduction Strategies to Layered Compound Graphs.- Crossing Reduction by Windows Optimization.- Geometric Graphs with No Self-intersecting Path of Length Three.- Two New Heuristics for Two-Sided Bipartite Graph Drawing.- Straight-Line Drawings of Binary Trees with Linear Area and Arbitrary Aspect Ratio.- Some Applications of Orderly Spanning Trees in Graph Drawing.- Improving Walker's Algorithm to Run in Linear Time.- Semi-dynamic Orthogonal Drawings of Planar Graphs.- Software Demonstrations.- Graph Layout for Workflow Applications with ILOG JViews.- InterViewer: Dynamic Visualization of Protein-Protein Interactions.- Some Modifications of Sugiyama Approach.- A Framework for Complexity Management in Graph Visualization.- A Partitioned Approach to Protein Interaction Mapping.- Camera Position Reconstruction and Tight Direction Networks.- Demonstration of a Preprocessor for the Spring Embedder.- Graph Drawing Contest.- Graph-Drawing Contest Report.- Invited Talks.- Techniques for Interactive Graph Drawing.- Drawing Venn Diagrams.


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