Technological Competition, Employment and Innovation Policies in OECD Countries

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November 1997



High unemployment rates in the period of an internationalization of economies and an intensified technological competition are the main problems that exist in most EU countries. Taking stock of unemployment patterns, technological trends and employment opportunities in the EU and the US is crucial for the reform debate in Europe. In continental Europe, major problems are an insufficient creation of new firms in innovative technology fields, inadequate labor market developments and inconsistent R&D policies. Founded on new data evaluations, the book presents an innovative analysis of these topics and shows opportunities for reforms.


EU Labor Markets Facing Globalization and Intensified Technology Competition: New Competitors from NICs and Transforming Economies in Eastern Europe; Integration, R&D Dynamics and Technological Specialization; Structural Aspects of European and US Labor Markets; Theoretical Aspects of Integration, Innovation and Innovation Policy in Open Economies; National R&D Financing and the Leakage Problem in the Presence of MNCs.- R&D Policy and Employment from a Theoretical Perspective: R&D, New Growth Theory and Employment; R&D, Competitiveness and Employment; International Technology Trade, Multinational Companies and FDI; Innovation Dynamics in New and Established Firms.- R&D Policy and Employment in the Triade: R&D Policy in Leading EU Countries; R&D Policy and Employment in the US; R&D Policy and Employment in Japan and Asian NICs.- The Global Economy: R&D, Structural Change and Employment Shifts: Dynamic Innovation Fields: High Technology and Sustainable Growth; Technometric Analysis of Innovation in a Comparative Perspective: EU-US-J; Implications of Technology Position for International Trade Dynamics; The Role of Small Firms for Innovation and Employment; Foreign Direct Investment and Labor Market Problems; Telecoms Liberalization and Employment Growth in the Information Society.- European R&D Policy: Coordination Between National and EU R&D Policy; Strategies for Basic Research; Improving the Links Within Research and Between Research and Industry; R&D and Reforms in European Capital Markets; Optimizing Regional EU Policies; Reform Requirements at the National Policy Level; The EU's R&D Framework: Opportunities for New Initiatives; Labor Market Reforms for EU Competitiveness and Employment Growth; Complementary Reform options for Competitiveness and Full Employment.- Summary and Conclusions.
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