Industrial Pollution Prevention

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Intended for those in government, academia and industry who are interested in, or responsible for pollution prevention (P2). This second edition reflects the rapid change in pollution prevention strategies and market needs, calling the readers attention to the concept and practices of pollution management rather than waste management only and to the understanding of pollution problems caused by environmentally unfriendly products and services.The 16 chapters have been thoroughly revised and new chapters have been added on total environmental quality management; laws, regulations, programs and strategies; state, city and local P2 programs; education and research; P2 in the U.S. Defense Department; and sources of P2 information.


1 Introduction.- 2 Industrial pollution prevention.- 3 Toxic chemicals and processes wastes.- 4 Pollution prevention technology.- 5 Total environmental quality management.- 6 Pollution prevention feasibility analyses.- 7 Industrial facility pollution prevention plan.- 8 Implementation of pollution prevention plan.- 9 U.S. P2 laws, regulations, programs and strategies.- 10 State, city and local pollution prevention programs.- 11 Measuring pollution prevention progress.- 12 The role of corporate management.- 13 The role of government.- 14 Pollution prevention education and research.- 15 Pollution prevention in the U.S. Defense Department.- 16 Sources of Pollution Prevention Information.- Appendix A: Pollution Prevention Assessment Worksheets.- Appendix B: Industry-Specific Checklists.- Appendix C: PollutionPrevention Program Checklist.- Appendix D: U.S. EPA's Current Voluntary P2 Programs.- Appendix E: The USEPA's Toxic Chemical Release Inventory Reporting Form R Part II. Chemical-Specific Information.- Appendix F: The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and Energy's Release and Pollution Prevention Report (DEQ-114) Section B.- Appendix G: The United States University-Affiliated Pollution Prevention Research and Training Centers.- Appendix H: Reading suggestions.- Brief Biography.


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