Infinite Matrices and their Finite Sections

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August 2006



This book is concerned with the study of infinite matrices and their approximation by matrices of finite size. The main concepts presented are invertibility at infinity (closely related to Fredholmness), limit operators, and the stability and convergence of finite matrix approximations. Concrete examples are used to illustrate the results throughout, including discrete Schrödinger operators and integral and boundary integral operators arising in mathematical physics and engineering.


Preliminaries.- Invertibility at Infinity.- Limit Operators.- Stability of the Finite Section Method.



From the reviews:
"The book under review introduces the reader to one of the central themes concerning infinite matrices: approximation by matrices of finite size. It is written for a broad audience starting with graduate students in mathematics and above. ... It is more introductory in nature and provides a very accessible summary of core themes, which are helpful in understanding properties of infinite matrices like Fredholmness, invertibility at infinity, stability and limit operators." (G. Feichtinger, Monatshefte für Mathematik, Vol. 159 (4), March, 2010)
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