Sage, Saint and Sophist: Holy Men and Their Associates in the Early Roman Empire

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März 1994



Holy men, both pagan and Christian are persistent and puzzling figures in the religious life of the Roman Empire. In this first historical study of Holy Men for more than half a century, Dr Anderson applies techniques of literary analysis to throw light on the lifestyles and behaviour of these figures, from Jesus Christ to Peregrinus Proteus to dio Chrysostom, stressing their individuality as much as their common features.
Sage, Saint and Sophist examines the variety of services, real or imaginary, that these colouful figures had to offer and how they maintained their credibility to become the objects of successful religious cults.


"What emerges from this book...is the prominence and importance of the holy man in the Roman imperial world, and Anderson...suggests that the emergence of Christian holy men in the fourth century was not as unique a phenomenon as sometimes thought. That can, no doubt, be seen as this book's main contribution, and a worthy one it is.."
-" Ancient History Bulletin 10, 1996
"Anyone would benefit from a close reading of [this] work because [the] author force[s] ... readers to realize that many of their preconceived notions about the early history of Christianity are layered in myth ... I recommend ["Sage, Saint, and Sophist] highly."
-Michael DiMaio Jr., "Classical World
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