Social Capital and Welfare Reform: Organizations, Congregations, and Communities

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In this groundbreaking study, Jo Anne Schneider considers the reasons behind the limited success of most welfare reform initiatives and offers evidence-based recommendations for enhancing the effectiveness of welfare policy.
Schneider draws on her rich and nuanced ethnographic studies of Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and Kenosha, Wisconsin to clarify the role of social capital for both individuals and institutions. She shows that the social relationships and patterns of trust that enable people to gain access to resources like government services, organization funding, and jobs are crucial in helping families achieve their goals. Schneider examines the complex ways in which social capital functions in conjunction with economic, human, and cultural capital, and explores social capital dynamics among government, nonprofits, and congregations that together provide the welfare support system.
Social Capital and Welfare Reform is compulsory reading for researchers and students in social work, sociology, anthropology, public policy, education, community psychology, social psychiatry, and non-profit and public administration as well as policy makers interested in welfare reform, poverty, and nonprofits.


Acknowledgments1. Introduction
Part I. Factors Influencing Implementation of Welfare Reform2. The Federal and State Policy Context for Welfare Reform3. Local Government Systems4. Social Service Organizations5. Social Service Systems6. Labor Markets and Individual Career Paths7. Family Survival Strategies and Social Capital8. Comparisons Among Worker Types
Part II. Social Capital and Community Context9. Social Service Agency Use and Social Capital10. Agencies and Social Capital11. Faith Communities and Social Capital12. Faith, Works, and Community: Connections Among Nonprofits, Government, and Congregations13. Advocacy and Social Capital14. Conclusion: Public Policy and Social CapitalAppendix A. Methods and Project DescriptionsAppendix B. OrganizationsAppendix C. Family Types and People Profiled in the BookNotesReferencesIndex


Jo Anne Schneider


"Excellent overview of the welfare transformation of the 1990's." -- Amy C. Conley
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