The Audio Wiring Guide

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The Audio Wiring Guide is a comprehensive, easy-to-use guide that explains all the basics of audio wiring. Ideal for both professionals and amateurs, it is an indispensable tool for musicians or anyone involved in multimedia keen to do professional-level work at a fraction of the cost. No matter the size of wiring project or installation, The Audio Wiring Guide provides a wealth of essential information and techniques. Every step is clearly explained and photo-illustrated. All the common audio connectors are covered as well as most special-use multimedia connectors.


Preface; Introduction; Basic Information; Soldering Techniques; Use of Spreadsheets; Grounding Schemes; The Connectors: 1 - Guitar plug - stereo male w/mono inserts 2 - Guitar plug - stereo female w/mono inserts 3 - XLR 3 pin male & female combined 4 - RCA plug male (new style) 5 - RCA plug female (new style) 6 - TT (Bantam) plug (male) 7 - BNC video male (crimped plug - male only) 8 - F connector video (crimped plug - male only) 9 - Mini male stereo guitar plug 1/8" dia. Industry standards; glossary; references; index


John Hechtman is a skilled recordist and technical writer, with 40 years of professional audio experience. He has built or rewired over 20 pro-level studios, along with dozens of semi-pro installations. Currently he is a freelance computer/audio consultant
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Untertitel: How to Wire the Most Popular Audio and Video Connectors. Approx. 500 illustrations (250 in full color). Sprache: Englisch.
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