The Mid-Career Success Guide: Planning for the Second Half of Your Working Life

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Oktober 2006



Most people realize that the employment deal has changed: the days of lifetime employment, or even a clear trajectory up the corporate ladder, are long gone. People in mid-career today want to take greater control of their working lives for many reasons. But they are not sure of how to do that in a working world full of change, uncertainty, disappearing career paths, downsizings, and early retirement packages. In The Mid-Career Success Guide, Sally Power draws from her research in organizational psychology and career development to explain the sources and implications of these trends, and provide solutions to the challenges they present. Introducing the "Employability Plus" model (which focuses on the individual's "work" as a portfolio of skills, rather than on traditional job- or organization-centric approaches), and featuring real-life examples, interactive exercises, and an appendix of research tools and methods, The Mid-Career Success Guide offers fresh strategies and tactics for overcoming job stress and uncertainty, and proactively managing your career in midlife and beyond.


SALLY J. POWER is Professor of Management, College of Business, University of St. Thomas, in Minneapolis, where she teaches courses in organisational theory and behaviour, business ethics, communication, and career development.


"Power, a researcher in management and career development, presents this guide with strategies to deal with job stress and insecurity and to give the reader a positive direction for the working future....The appendices include career development resources (the most important being the library and reference staff) and recommended reading....For anyone who is assessing where they are in their career, or is helping others who are, this is a very informative and useful tool to help determine what one wants in a career and then help take the steps needed to get there." - The Australian Library Journal
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