Romance Today: An A-To-Z Guide to Contemporary American Romance Writers

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November 2006



Alphabetically arranged entries discuss the lives and works of more than 100 contemporary American romance writers and list their fiction and nonfiction.


"As the romance genre grows in popularity and romance writers become more prolific, this work provides needed and hard to come by information for more than a hundred contemporary romance authors. The authors were chosen for the quality of their work and their prominence in the field. A full spectrum of romance genres, from Regencies to time travel romances, are represented by these authors. The bio-bibliographic essays in the volume are mainly based on statements provided by the authors themselves. The essays give us a glimpse into the rich and diverse backgrounds of the writers themselves. Each essay also strives to analyze the author's significant works and give an overall view of the style and format. This work fills a major need and will be of use for librarians, scholars, and general readers of romance." - Journal of American Cultures
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